3 Travel Essentials That You Shouldn’t Leave Home Without

Have you ever found yourself in a hotel somewhere with curtains that don’t quite close properly, so there’s light streaming in all night or it causes you to wake up as soon as the sun rises? Or perhaps there’s an annoying red or green light that is always on because the TV is plugged in and on standby or the air conditioner is running. Or, worse still, there’s not enough outlets in the dorm room for everyone to charge their phones and tablets, so you wake up to discover that one of your room mates has unplugged your phone so they could charge theirs instead.

These three common travel annoyances are why I always carry the following three items with me whenever I travel. All up, it costs less than $30 to fix most of the common issues that people have with hotel and dorm rooms.

1. Binder Clips

Ever found yourself in a hotel room where the curtains don’t quite meet or stay together in the middle? Binder clips to the rescue. I normally carry three – that’s enough for even the toughest of curtains that don’t want to stay together in the middle.

Use the binder clip to hold the two halves together and you’re set. Some friends talk about using clothing pegs, but I find binder clips to be a lot more reliable at keeping tough curtains closed.

Here’s some from Amazon that won’t break the budget (about $4-7), but will help you ensure that you get a great night’s sleep.

2. Electrical Tape

Black electrical tape is the second of my important travel DIY toolkit. Because it’s made of black vinyl, it will significantly reduce the impact of bright LEDs on TV’s, air conditioners and other annoying light sources.

While a pair of scissors does help to create a much cleaner finish when cutting the tape, it is able to be broken off by stretching it as well, and if you’re only in a hotel room or dorm for a couple of nights, then a rushed and slightly messy job is generally fine, so long as it helps you to get a better night’s sleep.

This roll on Amazon is under $5, and will last you years.

3. Universal Power Strip with USB ports (Power Board)

Power outlets can be at a premium in some hotel rooms, and even more so in many dorms. Become the hero of your dorm room when you show up with a power strip, ready to share with your bunk mates. It features three universal power outlets to allow your new friends from around the world to use their laptops or charge phones and four USB charging ports – enough to satisfy the crowd in most dorm rooms, or charge all of your devices at once if you’re a bit of a tech guy like me.

When picking a power board, it’s always tough to find one without that annoying light that glows while it’s on – luckily, with your electrical tape, you’ll be able to tape over the light and get on with sleeping while all of your gadgets charge up, ready for another day of exploring.

This power strip from Bestek is under $20 on Amazon.

Over to You

Do you travel with a similar collection of items to make all important “fixes” to rooms so that you can sleep better and get more enjoyment from your accommodation? Do you have any other suggestions of must have items that you travel with? Share them in the comments.

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