Cherng Doi Roast Chicken (ไก่ย่างเชิงดอย) in Chiang Mai

The sign outside Cherng Doi.
The sign outside Cherng Doi.

Cherng Doi Roast Chicken (Also known to quite a few of the digital nomad/expat crew in Chiang Mai as “Crispy Chicken”) is a very authentic local eatery that is frequented by a lot of Thai people and the occasional westerner.

Cherng Doi Roast Chicken is located on Soi Sukkame, just off of the popular Nimmanhaemin Road, in the trendy university district of Chiang Mai. All of the side streets (sois) off of Nimmanhaemin Rd are extremely vibrant and full of local eateries, coffee shops and bars.

Like most authentic Thai eateries, Cherng Doi Roast Chicken is a completely outdoors experience, with a handful of fans to cool you, but no air conditioning. Part of the endearing charm of this place is the delightfully peaceful garden setting that it is set in, complete with wooden furniture.

The garden setting of Cherng Doi Roast Chicken.
The garden setting of Cherng Doi Roast Chicken.

They have a full picture menu with English descriptions, so that you know what you’re ordering, and they give you a slip with their entire menu listed on it, where you tick boxes or write numbers for how many of each item you want.

As one of the most delicious chicken places in Chiang Mai, they are known for their “Crispy Skin Chicken” (gai yang) which they serve with an absolutely delicious spicy tamarind dipping sauce. The crispy skin chicken is 70 baht at the time of writing, and 10 baht for the sticky rice that is simply a must have. They even have a few beer options on the menu, if you feel like washing down your crispy skin chicken with a cold Heineken, Singha, Chang or Leo – otherwise grab a Coke, which works perfectly with the tamarind sauce.

A plate of the famous crispy skin chicken, with tamarind sauce to the left and sticky rice to the right.

The crispy skin chicken is best enjoyed with a serving of “sticky rice”, which comes in a woven bamboo container. The sticky rice is very popular with a number of dishes in the Northern Thai (Lanna) cuisine, and is often also found combined with fresh mango as a dessert dish. The texture of the sticky rice is perfect to be picked up with your hands, clumped into a small ball and dipped into the extremely well balanced spicy tamarind sauce, which has the perfect balance of hot/spicy/salty/sweet that Thai food is known for.

In addition to the dish that they’re most famous for, they also make a number of other Thai roasted favourites including a delightfully tasty roasted pork shoulder (moo yang) and a number of variations on the popular som tam salad, which contains unripened papaya as the main ingredient. Most of these salads are 40-50 baht each.

Som Tam Thai from Cherng Doi Roast Chicken.
Som Tam Thai from Cherng Doi Roast Chicken.

Once you’ve finished the main dish, there’s a couple of dessert options on the menu too. The coconut ice cream is to die for, and the perfect way to finish off your dinner.

If you’re looking for the best chicken in Chiang Mai, then Cherng Doi is the place you’ve been looking for!

Facebook: ไก่ย่างเชิงดอย
Phone: 081 881 1407
Location: Soi Sukkame, just off Nimmanhaemin Road – the street is opposite Siam Commercial Bank.
Hours: Open 11am-10pm, closed every Monday

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