My Travel Packing List

Fully loaded Minaal, ready to go.

Travel bloggers, and readers of travel blogs, seem to like “packing list” and bag contents posts. The prevalence of them on popular blogs including Colin Wright’s Exile LifestyleTropicalMBA and Tynan‘s blog certainly shows the popularity of these types of posts. It’s probably a combination of curiosity of seeing what your idols carry around with them and looking for ideas from people who travel regularly.

So, to establish my credibility as a legitimate #travelblogger, and to hopefully get the guys over at Minaal to share this post (hint hint), I figured that I should post my own travel packing list.

Without further adieu, here’s a picture of what I packed for a three month tour in the middle of 2015 through Europe including a two month Airbnb stay in Berlin, followed by a five week trip throughout Europe and Africa including Paris, Amsterdam, Copenhagen, Almhult, Stockholm, Istanbul, Canakkale (Gallipoli), Madrid, Granada, Fes, Marrakech, Tangier, Seville and Lisbon. I’ve been posting some highlights from that trip over on my Instagram account recently.

Packing List

Minaal bags on the seats of a train in Paris


Underwear: 8 pairs of Bonds Guy Front briefs, 7 pairs of short white Quiksilver socks, one pair of black Bonds socks.

Shirts: Five tshirts, a short sleeved button up shirt and two workout shirts. One hooded jacket.

Pants: One pair of jeans, one pair of chinos and one pair of tracksuit pants.

Other Stuff and Tech:

Unlocked iPhone 6 (not in the photo because it was taking the picture), MacBook Air 13″ 2015 edition, iPad Mini 2, Uniball Eye Fine Blue pen, notebook from Typo (a store in Australia).

“How Can You Travel For So Long With So Little?”

Simple answer? Washing. Sometimes quite frequently. For some of that five week trip (the time in Spain, Morocco and Portugal), I was on a group tour organised by Contiki. A lot of my fellow travellers for that tour were lugging around 20-30kg suitcases, meanwhile I was travelling with this one small backpack that fit into the overhead bins in the coach. If I was staying in a hotel for two nights, I’d do a quick wash of whatever was dirty in the sink or bathtub on the first night, which would allow it enough time to dry before being put back into the bag for the next leg of the tour. There were a couple of other people on the tour who did the same thing.

“I Could Never Travel With That Little”

I was someone who used to travel with a lot of stuff myself. And then I discovered the Minaal Carry On bag and my views on travel changed quite substantially. I normally travel with carry on only now, usually just the Minaal, which allows me to:

  • Travel cheaper, especially when flying on low cost carriers like AirAsia who charge for checked luggage
  • Arrive at airports later because I don’t need to check my bag
  • Get out of airports faster because I don’t need to wait for my bag at the baggage carousel
  • Avoid the horrors that some of my fellow travellers experienced at the Madrid airport, where their bags were lost

Give it a try on your next trip – take carry on only and experience the liberation of travelling with less stuff.

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  1. Ha! You got us, Kevin!

    We’re always down to share shots and stories about Minaal users ‘in the wild.’ So far your masterplan is working perfectly.

    It’s been great following your travels on Instagram. Stoked to watch Authentic Wanderer start building a community and to see where you take it (and your gear 😉 ) next.

    Social @ Minaal


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