The 6 Best Hostels in Chiang Mai

Staying in hostels is a great way to save on your accommodation expenses while traveling. You also have the chance to meet new friends and travel buddies from across the world.

However, finding the right hostel to stay in can be tough. Bad accommodation can truly ruin your trip of a lifetime, which is why I’ve prepared a list of the top 6 hostels in Chiang Mai. If you’re looking to go all out, then you should also check out my list of amazing Airbnb properties in Chiang Mai, or the list of the 6 best hotels in Chiang Mai. Otherwise, read on for my best budget picks.

1. Deejai Backpackers

Deejai Backpackers Chiang MaiLocated inside the moat of the old city on the Western side, Deejai is a popular choice for many backpackers who visit Chiang Mai. The owner has a “no idiots” policy, where he won’t tolerate people who ruin the hostel experience for other guests. The hostel’s bar and pool area, Deejai Garden, is located about 100m down the road, which makes the hostel itself a lot quieter and easier to sleep.

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2. Bunk Boutique

Bunk Boutique Hostel Chiang MaiBunk Boutique is conveniently located just off of Huay Kaew Road, between the Kad Suan Kaew shopping center and hotel complex, and Maya Lifestyle Shopping Center at the top of trendy Nimmanhaemin Road. Nearby Bunk Boutique are all of the essentials that you need for a stay in Chiang Mai including great food at Corner Bistro and Salsa Kitchen, popular expat bar “Small House Kafe”, a 7 Eleven within walking distance, and a great scooter rental place called Mango Bikes.

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3. So Hostel (SOHO)

SoHostel Chiang MaiOn the opposite side of town in the Night Bazaar area is So Hostel. Located on Loi Kroh Road, a popular strip of bars for expats and tourists, SoHo is a great spot if you’re looking to be within walking distance of many of the great bars as well as the popular Night Bazaar market (Chang Klan Rd). There’s also a new Hard Rock Cafe over there too, if you’re someone who tries to visit their locations all around the world. It’s walking distance to the Ping River as well, and the famous Chiang Mai Bus Bar.

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4. Hug Hostel

Hug Hostel Chiang MaiHug Hostel is located on Sri Poom Road, commonly referred to as the North of the moat. It’s in a convenient location if you want to spend most of your time exploring the temples (and bars) of the old city either on foot, on bicycle or via songthaew. There’s a nightly food market that sets up just across the other side of the moat, and the popular North Gate Jazz Bar is a 5 minute stumble away.

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5. The Pause Hostel

The Pause Hostel Chiang MaiThe Pause hostel is located on one of the Sois (which is the Thai word for side streets or lanes) of popular Nimmanhaemin Road. If you’re looking to check out the bars and cafes of Nimman including the rooftop bars at Maya, Warm Up Cafe, Infinity and many others. It’s a two minute walk from The Pause Hostel to the winner of the best burger in Chiang Mai award, Beast Burger. Definitely one worthy of its spot in our top 6 hostel list, and a popular option with backpackers coming to Chiang Mai.

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6. Bed Addict Hostel x Cafe

Bed Addict Hostel x CafeSome may say that I’ve saved the best for last, and I’d probably agree. Bed Addict has an amazingly convenient location next door to the Think Park precinct, which is on the corner of Huay Kaew Road and Nimmanhaemin Road, opposite the Maya Lifestyle Shopping Center. Perfectly located to explore Nimmanhaemin and just a short 30 baht ride in a red truck to go to the old town. There’s plenty of great coffee shops nearby if you want to spend a day writing postcards, catching up on social media or writing a new blog post.

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Have you stayed in any of these Chiang Mai Hostels? Share your thoughts and experiences with other budget travelers and backpackers in the comments below.

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